Happy Holidays! Love, Noodle

December 24, 2013

This year we decided to take pictures for holiday cards, and obviously chose Noodle to be our model. He's got the cute face down. Since we adopted him, I have done my best to condition him to pose for my pictures. Most of the time, he moves too fast for me, but at times he will sit pretty and almost smile. Or I will catch him flying across the beach or down the mountain like a maniac. Those are probably in fact my favourites. 

A picture on Santa's lap seemed a bit too easy. And I do love a Christmas sweater. I thought about spending hours knitting Noodle a sweater. For about 3 seconds. I didn't start my holiday knitting early enough to have that luxury. Since dog sweaters don't generally have sleeves, it probably wouldn't have been too hard. Except that he likes to chew on things. Pretty much only his things, which is great. But I've had to do stitches and amputate a lot of his stuffed toys. His favourite blanket now looks more like a piece of emmental cheese than anything else. Mine are intact, so I guess that's fine. But the idea that my handmade sweater could be shredded to pieces just seemed devastating. Also, there is this mysterious thing (for new knitters) called gauge, which I have not yet mastered. I'll let you know when I do. But the idea of spending many many hours knitting him a sweater that maybe wouldn't fit also seemed devastating. Decision was made. I went to the store, found one I liked, tried it on a very puzzled Noodle, and was done. Much better.

We had a lot of fun taking pictures with Noodle in Discovery Park, and he was so excited about the cookies he got that he didn't seem to even notice the sweater he was wearing.

I take this opportunity to wish everyone wonderful holidays, shared with loved ones. May 2014 be filled with laughter, health, and puppy cuddles.  

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