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Hi, I'm Genevieve. I pronounce it the French way, because even after years of trying to get rid of my accent, it never really worked. I decided to just embrace it, and maybe even sometimes throw in a French word or two, just 'cause I can. I love the smell of the forest, the brightness of snow, I dislike temperature extremes, and I'm happiest when I'm travelling or planning my next trip.

I grew up in beautiful Quebec city, struggled in every English class I ever took, and moved to the Pacific Northwest in 2007, not really speaking much English. It now feels like home, and I never want to leave. I love Neurology, have spent more nights than I'd like to admit up, unable to put a book down, and I easily become completely obsessed by shows like this one or this one. I have a weakness for chips, cheese and this white wine, and often combine them all together. I firmly believe that I sleep better when the sheets are fresh out of the wash.

I am more easily convinced to book a flight anywhere in the world than some people are to commit to a weekend away. I will happily go camping and backpacking, stay in a cheap hostel or a 5 star hotel, but I despise renting a cabin without a proper toilet. I cannot live without coffee, my camera, a pair of leggings, a long sweater and a scarf. I hate removing makeup so I rarely wear any. I love surprises and spontaneous adventures, but also find rearranging my drawers strangely calming. I often buy nice clothes and then don't wear them "because they are too nice". I hate high heels and mushrooms. I can be scattered but I am highly reliable. I love to multitask, overbook our schedule with too many weekend getaways, and I am head over heels for our puppy, Noodle.

I thank you for stopping by, and allowing me to share with you my love for knitting, my struggles in sewing, my crafts and travels. Please come again soon. 


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