Dropped stitch cowl

July 01, 2014

Photo credit Heather Hands 

Yesterday was a perfect Monday. 5 girls, 5 dogs, a hike to a glacier lake. There are very few other ways I'd rather spend the day, and most of them involve ridiculous and unrealistic foreign adventures. A girl can dream. To be honest, living in the Pacific Northwest feels like a dream to me. It has everything I want. Mountains and ocean. A laid back attitude and a great food culture. Camping and wineries. It's especially great in the summer, and I'm determined to make the most of it. Visit the San Juan Islands, hike in the mountains, backpack to hot springs. Just a short drive outside of Seattle is one of Washington's main touristic attraction, the Snoqualmie Falls, which are just a few feet short of my hometown's Chutes Montmorency. Funny story, I've seen my hometown's falls countless times, and actually have never seen the Snoqualmie ones. It's not that I haven't tried. Last fall we were heading out for a hike with some friends and made a detour to see the falls. We parked right at the view point, got a close as one can get, enough to get the mist and hear the loud tumbling, but all we could see was white. It could very well have been a recording and some type of misting machine for all I know. Over the weekend, Graham and I had made plans to go for hike. He spent some time researching and picking one, but unfortunately I over exercised a bit between Friday evening and Saturday morning, which resulted in me barely being able to walk on Saturday afternoon, and randomly falling asleep on the couch all day. Sunday was a bit better, although I still kind of walked like a penguin. So I convinced Graham to go on this easy hike instead, with raving reviews of great view of the Snoqualmie falls. I dragged my sorry muscles down the path, and had the mere reward of seeing part of the very top of the falls, but mostly foliage. It was quite a disappointment, other than the benefit of finally loosening up my sore legs.

I'm really excited for summer, but the other half of the world is dealing with winter. For this other half, and because when my friend showed me this pattern, I knew I just had to make it, here is my version of the Drop Stitch Cowl, from Spider Woman Knits. I really love this cowl. It was super quick and easy, once I got over the mental barrier of dropping stitches on purpose... seemed so crazy. I really enjoy the way it looks and how well the cowl falls. I'm not usually one to go for acrylic, but I did just purchase the recommended yarn, partly because I was feeling bad buying new yarn instead of using my stash. The yarn is very soft, works well with the pattern and does look pretty good. The price point is quite nice too. I used 16" circular needles and it worked perfectly well. My friend and I met one evening for a glass of wine, a chat, and a quick knit, and it was another perfect moment.

Photo credit Heather Hands 

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