Zig cowl variation #2

December 09, 2014

We live just a few blocks from West Elm, which has proven to be extremely handy quite a few times. Hosting a party and realizing at the last minute that we are short on serving plates? I'll be back in 20. While cleaning out the storage unit we got rid of the wrong size duvet? I've got a new one, much more expensive than our old Ikea one, but oh so much more cozy. No regrets. It's also been pretty nice on really cold days, when it's obvious that Noodle needs more exercise, but I am not enjoying the walks. See, sometimes I'll go in and walk around with Noodle. Often he insists on going and I have to convince him that it's not happening. But sometimes I cave in, and even, sometimes, I instigate.  Noodle loves it because once in a blue moon I let them give him a treat, and I just love to go walk through the sales section, or just look for decor inspiration. I usually do a good job at only looking at the sales, but this time, everything was so festive and exciting that I did a systematic walk through, and left with a bag. They got me right at the entrance, when I spotted this amazing sweatshirt. How could I not. And then, the snow globes. Is there anything more festive than a snow globe? I mean, probably, actually, I'm sure there is. But I love snow globes. Right now, looking at my snow globe makes me pretty happy. 

For my second zig cowl, I decided to, once again, deviate a little bit from the original pattern designed by Isabell Kraemer. The first time, I followed a straight diagonal line with the pattern. This time, I wanted to see a real zigzag effect. Instead of repeating rows 1-12 for the first half of the cowl, I alternated between the two pattern sections, creating the zigzag. I casted on 90 stitches and used US size 9 needles, wanting the cowl to be a bit looser than my first one. I used 2 skeins of grey Rio, from Tahki Yarns, and bound off after 60 rows. I love the rich texture of the cowl, and I'm thinking of making yet another one, long enough to double loop. Maybe this time I'll actually follow the original pattern?

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