Flora's cap

March 20, 2015

Photo credit Heather Hands 

I had planned to have the part 2 of our Borneo adventures ready to share with you this week, but unfortunately, it's not happening. Too much is going on, and I can't concentrate enough to finish putting it together. All I want to do is look up home design sites and shop for furniture. Last night, we made an offer on a gorgeous house, and it was accepted. We are waiting for the inspection before getting too excited, since you never know, but we think we found the one. We love it. For me, it was love at first sight. Graham needed a day to think it over, but soon we shared the same vision, and we are both thrilled, freaking out, ecstatic and terrified. A good mix I guess. So instead of sharing with you the memories that still fill my head, I'll share with you what's been on it since we got back.

I've dreamed of my Flora's cap for a long time. It's a Churchmouse's Classic for a good reason, and I knew as soon as I saw it that I needed to make one. I bought the pattern, and then... I'm not sure what happened. I didn't have the right needles, wasn't sure which yarn I wanted to use. Finally, as I was working on a sweater and getting to the trickier part, I realized that 1) I loved the yarn - Indiecita DK -  and had some to spare and 2) It was late, I wanted to knit and watch TV, and my attention span was at best challenged. So I put down the sweater, grabbed my size 2 US circular needles, knitted for quite some time... and had about an inch. This is not a quick knit, which should be obvious given the needle size. But the time spent is well worth it. Although I'm not one of those who find the seed stitch soothing (I prefer to go the stockinette route when I want a mindless task), I love the look of the seed stitch. Now that my hat is finished, I regret nothing. It is perfect, and was well worth the time and effort. When the picture was taken, it had just been blocked, and remained unworn. Since then, I've worn it a lot, and it has stretched just the right amount, making it slouchier than the picture shows. It is soft and light, perfect for the end of winter. 

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