House drama and fresh fruits delivery

July 01, 2015

When we first decided to buy this old house, I listened carefully to the home inspector, nearly had a panic attack (or 5) after receiving his written report, and Graham and I sat down to talk it through. It's a crazy market, and houses go by fast, so there wasn't much luxury to take our time. You're in or you're out. We decided that we were in, after talking about the immediate repairs we wanted to do. We easily agreed that plumbing and asbestos were at the top of the list, and I insisted on rewiring, while Graham thought it wasn't that important. We eventually agreed to get rid of the knob and tube, and Graham made fun of me to no end for not trusting the electrical system, for unplugging everything and freaking out about the washer/dryer, impatiently waiting for the electricians to start working. See, the washer was plugged into a loose plug adapter, held by a small piece of rope, with a bare copper wire hung to the pipes in case the galvanized and knob and tube were to get in contact. How much sketchier can this get? Eventually, necessity won, and I had to use the appliances. Then our friends had a dryer fire. So yes, these things happen. Clean your filters, everyone.

Moving into this new house, nestled in a thick garden, has been great, but Noodle and I have both been a little more on edge, him during the day, suspicious of any activity on the street or people close by, and me at night, worrying about going to bed when I'm by myself in the house. And don't even get me started on the spiders. I was just getting over this, starting to feel more comfortable and at home, when the electricians started working. Earlier in the week, we looked at the rooms upstairs, notably at the long strip of movable outlets, and they agreed with me that they wouldn't use it either. I felt reassured, glad that my fears were not unrealistic, and confident that everything was under control. I had come to peace with the fact that as we thought we were done with plumbing, we found ourselves with a failed inspection, and that we now have to change a recent upgrade from the previous owners. I guess just because that bathroom looked like the nicest room in the house didn't mean it's work free. But you know, these things happen, it's gonna come together, even though it's taking a little longer than I'd hoped, reasoned the new peaceful me (a really calm and relaxed new me).

So I was sitting quietly in the living room, Noodle sleeping next to me, working on the computer and keeping an eye on the bird's nest out the window. Those silly looking chicks sure eat a lot. From the window I could see our first lily blossom; life felt good and peaceful. And then I heard from upstairs "OMG. This house is seriously about to burn down". Well that's not very comforting. Then a few minutes later, the electrician comes down and says that the ceiling light in the bedroom (you know, the fixture right above our bed) is pretty much about to combust. So I'm back to being stressed, a little apprehensive of this place, and so, so glad they are here. Also, is it too early for a stiff drink?

In order to relax, after these stressful past few months, I'm trying out a new approach. Less chips, pizza, and wine, and more grains, hearty foods like this. This summer we signed up for our first CSA box, from Collins Family Orchards, and we just received our first delicious assortment of stone fruits. Obviously, this change is coming at some cost, since, as a great friend put it, that box is nature's laxatives at its best. One need not say more.

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