Improvising a hat

April 01, 2014

Photo credit Heather Hands, Model Ody Hands

You know the kind of days when you have a million things to do? Or when you wake up and decide that you will finally get to the bottom of this To Do list that you never quite get to? Also, if you are not the To Do list kind of person... I don't know. I don't understand. I live by my lists. How do you? Anyways. I had one of those days. I was motivated, had tons to accomplish, and nothing actually got done. I started all of my tasks. But somehow none got completed, despite my best intentions. It was the most infuriating feeling. So that evening, I sat on the couch, and committed to making something. Anything.

I just love the look of the seed stitch. And I've been trying to keep up with my resolution to use my stash of yarn before buying more. It hasn't worked so well thus far, at least for the not buying more yarn part. But what can you do. Not all yarn works for all projects. So, as I was planning a relaxing evening snuggling with Noodle and enjoying a glass of Sauvignon Blanc, I decided to improvise a hat. Because there is nothing like going on Ravelry looking for a pattern and emerging 3hrs later with a project list tripled, a dozen open tabs on your browser and that odd sense that time flew. I had this light teal yarn that I got when my sister-in-law was patiently trying to teach me to knit, and the tag is long gone. It's definitely acrylic, not my favourite, but thick, and would make a very quick hat. I estimated that it must be a bulky yarn, maybe on the thicker side, and reasoned that, since it would be a fast knit, I could just try it out. I know. Only cast the stone if you've never done it. 

I wrote down the pattern as I was making it up. I won't share it with you, because it's not perfect. The thing is, I was onto my second glass of wine (or third? who knows) when came the time to plan the decrease. It was maybe less planned and more impulsed. It is mostly even. I finished the hat, weaved in my ends, and went to bed satisfied. It's not like that To Do list won't still be there tomorrow.

The next morning, I rehydrated, then picked up my hat, admired the seed stitch pattern, and the surprising fact that it was actually the perfect size for me. I deplored the somewhat uneven decreasing and, also because you can never make too many pom poms, added one to my new hat. I was, once again, able to convince Ody to model my creation, which he sports in a dignified, maybe a little French, way. 

Photo credit Heather Hands
Photo credit Heather Hands, Model Ody Hands

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