Felt ball coasters

April 08, 2014

I'm trying to get better at hydrating myself, and drinking liquids other than coffee and wine seems to be the way to do it. I'm having a hard time with just plain water, so I've switched to sparkling water, sometimes with a dash of orange juice. My latest obsession is the La Croix sparkling water, grapefruit flavour. I'm totally addicted, and have had to ration myself. So hard. 

Whether it's a hot or cold drink, I prefer to use a coaster, to avoid staining our nice wooden coffee table. I've grown to dislike the plain coasters we have, and decided to update ours. For months I've seen super cute felt balls coasters or hot pads, and finally decided that it was time to make them. For some reason, I think that felt balls are one of the most adorable things ever. These coasters are super quick to make, and require very little material.

On my first trial, I made one with needle and thread. I connected the felt balls horizontally first then vertically, but it was a bit challenging, and I didn't find that I could get them close enough together. So the next time, I used the hot glue gun, and that worked great. I love my new coasters!

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