Dishcloths for a housewarming

August 05, 2014

We had a pretty amazing weekend. Friday night we went over to some friends house for a BBQ and to watch a movie in their backyard, on a big projector. If you are curious, we watched this movie, which I think I still know mostly by heart in French, from watching it over and over on a Beta tape. I also remember all the commercials. It was so much fun, and now I'm totally dreaming of having a backyard where I can install a projector for late night summer movies. Then on Saturday, we had a housewarming at our best friends' house. They recently bought a gorgeous house, conveniently located a short hilly walk from our place, and I've watched it come together through all the hard work they have put in. I have learned that surprising things can be dug out of a backyard (think sink, maybe) and that choosing paint colours is way harder than it looks, especially with whites that, depending on light, can come out any other colour, or greys and greens that come out blue. I'm a bit terrified of painting now. They have done a fabulous job, putting together a stylish and welcoming house, one that will treasure memories for years to come. I can't decide which part I like the best: the smoking room at the front, dark green, with a fire place and an antique bar, or the outdoor patio, with a reclaimed wood table and pretty white lights hanging over it. There is also the front porch, overlooking the lovely garden she redid, where I dream of sitting for long afternoons sipping coffee and knitting.

Since I wasn't able to knit them a king size cashmere blanket (which may or may not have been suggested), I decided to make them a few dishcloths, some for scrubbing the dishes, some for the counters. I picked a few different colours of yarn, and a few different kinds, Aran and DK weight 100% cotton: Seedling by Classic Elite Yarns, Cotton Classic by Tahki and Fantasy Naturale by Plymouth Yarn. I chose a few different patterns (this one, this one, this one and this one), and created a mix-match of shapes and sizes, choosing different geometric patterns. I also wanted to show off our new dinnerware, which we scored on sale at West Elm and I'm so in love with. The thing is, West Elm is a 7 minute walk from us, and Noodle is completely obsessed with them. They welcome him inside AND give him cookies when we go, so whenever we walk by, he insists on going in. I often let him convince me, so now we have a rule: sale shopping only. Turns out, it's been working great for the both of us. We finished the weekend by taking in the gorgeous views of Mt Rainier. Bliss. 

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