An unexpected project: can coozie

September 23, 2014

I'm in complete denial that summer is over, and dreaming of waking up in a tent, somewhere remote and quiet. Despite the temperature rating of my sleeping bag promising comfort below freezing, deep down I know that the season is now over for me. Camping in the PNW can get pretty chilly. Or maybe it's me. I like to believe that it's both. Needless to say, I'm often pretty cold by the time we are ready for an early campfire, and I've been known to wear my winter coat in July. I now try to cover myself in duvet, and this is totally on my wish list, although I would probably be tempted to wear it way too often and in less than appropriate situations. 

Something terrible and totally unlike me happened when I was flying to this place. I forgot my knitting project on the table. I almost never forget or loose anything. I was baffled. I got to the airport and was just through security when I realized that my project bag, carefully planned out, was still on the dining room table. At the last minute, I ended up changing purses, and the dining room was (is and will be) overtaken by this quilt I can't seem to finish, and... I have no idea what happened. I was quite distressed, and for a second wondered if I could make it home and back in time for my flight. Thanks Seattle traffic for ruining this for me.

The first time Graham and I flew together was when we went to Maui. We had been dating for a little over 6 months, and I think that he almost broke up with me. I've mostly flown within Canada and to other continents, so I have been blessed with quality flying experience. By that I merely mean more than 3 inches between my knees and the seat in front of me (I'm 5'3), a small screen with choices of movies/TV, and occasionally some food. At least pretzels or something. I am quite appalled at the flying conditions in the US, although yes, like everyone else, I like my flights to be cheap. But I've been known to take an extra connection to fly Air Canada over one of the US companies, and incidentally my flights were on time, and the other ones never left. Funny how that happens. To get back to the Maui story, I was maybe a little underprepared, reluctant to spend the extra money on the rental DVD unit (thought, I would have paid the extra $10 at the time of booking. without a second thought. Call me crazy, but when I'm on the plane I feel like this has been settled, and you don't get my money anymore). Unfortunately for Graham, my attention span while flying seems to be reduced to very little. I only like cheesy books, light movies, and I guess I get bored and annoying more easily. Go figure. It was a long flight with very little entertainment, back when I had no idea knitting would over take my life.

So, back to this knitting-less trip. While walking through the French Quarter, I actually found the cutest little yarn shop. What are the odds. The Quarter Stitch was exactly what I needed, and after some indecisions (how much new yarn/needles should I buy?) I settled on this adorable little coozie project, a store project soon to be on Ravelry I was told. Look for the Noro Kureyon Coozies pattern or contact the store if you are interested! I used Lamb's Pride worsted yarn (85% wool/15% mohair) in smoky sage to make my can coozie, which kept my fingers warm while sipping my current non-alcoholic drink obsession, La Croix. Knitting a can coozie had never crossed my mind. But now that I've tried it out, I have to admit it kicks ass. It was a quick and simple project to knit on the plane, and it will now be part of my camping staples. 

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