February 10, 2015

This year, for Valentine's day, our plan is to sit next to each other, in an enclosed space, on not so comfortable seats, surrounded by strangers. For 12hrs. This may not have been my most romantic idea, but we are flying somewhere beautiful and exotic, so what follows that flight and then the next one should be pretty great. Just many, many hours later. But more on that in a few weeks. I have to say, I'm pretty lucky to have found someone to share these adventures with, who laughs at my silly jokes, and who puts up with me when I wake up early on the weekend, with a suddenly long list of things to accomplish. Even luckier that, by the time I crash at about 5pm, he'll pick up the slack and help finish all these things on my to do list. I'm also pretty fortunate to have this furry, fluffy, cuddly and cheeky little pup, who loves to sleep in, play chase and eat raspberries. I'm glad he's also found someone who seems to completely accept him. From them I'm learning that true love is letting your friend sleep on you. It's letting him steal a toy right from your mouth, and even put up with him sticking his snout in your food bowl. We are so glad that these two grew to love each other, and I could probably watch them playing in the hugging/wrestling fashion so distinctive of Labradoodles for hours. Maybe that would make the flights go by faster?

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