Coffee sleeve

February 17, 2015

I try to do my part. Recycle, reuse, donate. Make more and buy less. Walk more. Compost. Nothing too crazy, nothing too special, but I try to participate, and love that my city does too. I also try to save my back and shoulders, and now avoid carrying a huge purse, the Mary Poppins kind, with everything in it. One problem though, I systematically underestimate my need for coffee. It's shocking, I should know better, but quite often, I find myself with the need, or at least the strong desire for a delicious cuppa latte. I feel bad for the to-go cups I use, although I recycle them. So most often I at least skip the sleeve, and instead enjoy the warmth the hot coffee provides to my hands through the paper. If you've met me, you know that I'm almost always cold, so this is amazing. On warmer days though, the heat of the coffee feels more like a burning sensation, straight through that once lovely cup, and I try to walk, sip and wiggle my fingers all at the same time. It doesn't usually end well.

Ages ago, the last time I made it to knitting class, my friend Kate showed me a coffee sleeve she'd made with some Cascade Eco Duo yarn. It was adorable, light and tiny, perfect to slip into your pocket before leaving the house. I have very found memories of knitting with this yarn, the softest Alpaca/Merino combo, and my feet have been delighted all winter on this hot water bottle cozy. I just so happened to have a little left over yarn, so I decided to try and make one. I mostly followed her pattern but chose a seed stitch edge instead of a ribbed one. It took me almost exactly 42 minutes to make a sleeve. Perfect excuse to use up some left over yarn and pretend to be productive while watching an episode of your favourite TV show, if you ask me.

Cascade Eco Duo or other similar yarn of your choice. I used under 5 grams for one sleeve, which measures 2.5"x3.5".
Stitch marker
Darning needle

Using the long tail method, cast on 37 stitches. Join in the round, being careful not to twist. Place a stitch marker to indicate beginning of the round.

Rounds 1&3: *K1, P1*, K1
Rounds 2&4: *P1, K1*, P1
Rounds 5-16: K
Rounds 17&19: *K1, P1*, K1
Rounds 18&20: *P1, K1*, P1

Bind off loosely. Weave in ends. Go get yourself a hot drink.

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