Our new old house - before

June 09, 2015

Hello friends, and happy Tuesday. My apologies for the silence; life caught up with me, and in between work, packing, moving, and trying to unpack, my productive time has been pretty minimal. We recently bought our first place together, our first home, where we are planning to spend many, many years. After this 7th move in the last 10 years, some locals, some across the country or the border, it is nice to settle in. Funny enough, I've always loved unpacking and always did it quickly. This time around though, despite having more room than ever, I struggle to unpack our little loft into this big house, not sure where things should go. Turns out, we don't have that many closets. We are doing some major and well needed renovations, notably repiping the old galvanized pipes (done!), removing/encapsulating asbestos (done!) and soon, rewiring the old knob and tube.

I've been completely paranoid about the current electrical system, despite the fact that the people before us had lived apparently comfortably for 33 years. I cannot wait to have this done, figure out how to patch the lath and plaster, and update the paint. In the meantime, have you ever seen this below? At the head of our bed, we have a long electrical strip, with movable outlets. Totally sketching me out, I plug my phone in the bathroom. And yes, it's kind of annoying.

It's hard to focus on just one thing at the time, and I'm definitely struggling, wanting to fix everything and to have everything look right. I'm probably spending too much time on Pinterest, looking at perfectly staged rooms and decors, feeling the pressure to make our home look stylish, tidy and yet be comfortable, functional and well, let's be honest, comply with our budget. Reading this post made me feel much better, validated my feelings, and I'm trying to embrace the idea of working on one room at the time, setting priorities, and embracing the mess. It's not easy, and I'm having a hard time keeping up with the constant to-do list in my head, but I'm trying to relax and embrace this work in project, which I'm really excited to share with you. My friend Kate has been a great help, finding us some amazing deals, unique pieces, and offering valuable suggestions. For now, a few pictures of the before, the mess, the colours I hate, the light fixtures I want to smash through but mostly, the potential. It's an exciting adventure.  


  1. C'est vraiment une belle maison (c'est vrai que certaines lampes sont terribles!), je te souhaite bon aménagement!

    1. Merci Chloé! On a bien hâte de peinturer!


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