DIY colourful hair pins

May 12, 2015

I was going through the blog's knitting section, and I realized that I might have a grey problem. I am very partial to neutrals, and actually planning on knitting grey socks and a grey shawl next, once the frenzy of packing/moving has slowed down and I get some quiet time without being completely exhausted. We just got our new house, and are starting to move in, happy to trade our noisy construction-filled current neighbourhood for a much more peaceful one, close to friends and lovely parks. Graham is terrified that I'm going to paint our new hosue white and grey, and I'm terrified that he'll insist on bright colours. We'll need to meet in the middle, and I'm trying to include more colour accents in my design plans, while trying to convince him that a little white and grey has never hurt anyone. In an effort to meet him halfway, I've been taking baby steps. I've been painting my nails bright, spring-like colours, favouring mint and peach, realizing that my wardrobe is also predominantly neutral.

I decided to start adding a little colour in my hair, by painting some black hair pins. Baby steps, right? I used nail polish that I had on hand (no pun intended), and just finished with a top coat. It's discrete but fun, and a great first step to include more colour into my life. Also, in these crazy times, a project that requires very little time or thinking. Perfect. 

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