Oregon Coast road trip - Part 2

October 27, 2015

Driving down Highway 101 is a pretty spectacular sight, worth many stops. After starting our adventure in Cannon beach, discovering the stunning Nehalem Bay State Park and surviving Cape Perpetua, we were off further south than I'd never been on the coast, and I was amaze to discover how beautiful it was, how soft and white the sand was. 

South Beach State Park (Newport)

I don't have any pictures of South Beach, because we never really saw it. We heard sea lions as if they were over in the next camp site, but apparently they were far away. We made it to the beach but it was cold, dark and foggy. Actually, as soon as we got near South Beach, we started wondering "Where did the sun go?". I bought an extra fleece. We encountered evil burrs. I was walking Noodle around the campsite and he started limping. I looked under his paws, and there were at least a dozen burrs stuck there. I tried to pick them out and they viciously dug into my skin. I'm blaming one for my air mattress dying that night. On the plus side, the sand we were camping on was so soft I didn't sleep so bad. I don't know, South Beach. I'm sure you're beautiful, but the locals told us it's usually the way it is, cold and foggy. I may pass next time. Mostly because of the evil burrs. 

Florence and the Sand Dunes

I was pretty excited to see the sand dunes, and they were very cool indeed. We stayed at Jessie M Honeyman Memorial State Park, and explored the nearby dunes and beaches. It was pretty great, although the part where we decided to hike straight up one of the tallest dunes was not the most well thought of, and I almost fell backyards. Noodle thought it was the best, other than the fact that I was obviously slowing him down. There was running, playing, beautiful scenery, and we were very sad to leave. Until next time, Oregon.  

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