Washi tape earings

May 06, 2014

I married a coffee snob. Some mornings, I'll make myself a cup of coffee, using the pour over technique, and he'll look at me in disbelief, shocked that I wouldn't use a timer, disregard the importance of obtaining the precise water temperature or of using the very particular movements in his opinion required to properly pour. Who knew. Or I'll pick up beans on my way home, and neglect to check the roast date on the package, and he'll have this look of disgust, refuse to try it and as I make my coffee, he'll walk over to an acceptable coffee shop in our neighbourhood such as Vivace. If I'm being truly honest, I probably get the same horrified look on my face every time we get a really nice aged cheddar, the perfect Rustic Baguette from Grand Central bakery, and he pours ketchup all over it. I think that he feels about his coffee the same way I feel about my cheese. That it is such a big afront, that it cannot be silenced. Other things though, we'll quietly let slide, as couples do. 

Last year we travelled in Japan, and I became completely and inexplicably obsessed with washi tape. I just had to buy it every time we saw some, which meant pretty much all the time. Graham looked at me with a gentle smile every time I nervously tried to explain that I needed this specific roll, and silently judged me, I know, as I compulsively bought many, many rolls. They are all extremely pretty, have different patterns/colours, and I love them all. Have I used them much in the last year? Nope. Has Graham said anything? Nope, he is just that great of a man. 

I distinctively remember meeting Brett. We were at a friend's house in Fremont for a birthday celebration, and she was super stylish, with awesome yellow flower stud earrings. I was pretty excited to meet someone who had similar interests as mine, and over time we became good friends. A few weeks ago, I had the privilege to celebrate her bachelorette party with her and other close friends, and had a wonderful day, with amazing people, great food, bubbly and laughs. I wanted to make her something special, and finally found some way of starting to use up my stash of washi tape.

Actually, I initially tried to make her little fabric earrings, but I found that to be quite challenging, so I switched to washi tape, and totally love the result. Properly gluing the earring studs to the rounded metal plates proved to be the main challenge, and it seems that Krazy Glue works the best. Before sharing more on how to make them, I want to try out some sealant methods and experiment a little more, so stay tuned for a complete tutorial. 


  1. This is so cute! I'd love to make a pair of these! So simple and so pretty! My boyfriend is a coffee snob, too. I can't really tell the difference between cold brew and everything else. I guess we all have our thing!

    1. Thanks! Glad you like them. They are fun and easy to make. I don't get cold brew either!


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