The perfect fall hat

October 14, 2014

Photo credit Heather Hands 
I've fully embraced the fall, which has always been my favourite season. Although the leaves don't quite take on the same dramatic colours here as back home, I love the bright yellows and occasional oranges, the crisp and fresh air, the cozy feeling of the duvet that's now back on the bed, and my fuzzy slippers. I'm baking and drinking chai tea, knitting like crazy, wearing scarfs and not shaving my legs as often. I'm filling up my Netflix queue with new TV shows and movies, preparing to hibernate for a few months. It all pleases me deeply. I particularly love the beginning of fall, the promise of life slowing down after a hectic summer, the colder mornings and nights. Above all this, I have a special appreciation for the beautiful and warm afternoons, when you'd believe summer is still here, if it weren't for the pumpkins and Halloween decorations showing up everywhere.

A few weeks ago, to celebrate autumn, my girlfriends and I headed to the orchard to go apple picking, because nothing says beginning of fall like apples, hopefully with a side of hard cider and some aged cheddar. Our day was quite successful, as it generally turns out in great company, with the added comforting feeling of tomato soup and grilled cheese. It felt a little more like summer than fall, and we found ourselves wishing we wore shorts and sandals, but I was kind of glad to have the extra layer of protection against spiders and wasps. We sampled and picked Honeycrisp and Liberty apples, reminisced about McIntosh and other east coast varieties, and had a blast.

Photo credit Heather Hands

Photo credit Heather Hands

For the occasion I brought my perfect fall hat, which is light and soft, in a rich forest green colour. It is slightly slouchy, and of course has a big pompom. I used about 1.5 skein of Wool Bam Boo, which I also used to make this and this hat, since it's the perfect hat yarn. I've used most of my stash of this sadly discontinued yarn, and I wish I had more; obviously I need more hats. I followed the Hibernatum pattern by Classic Elite Yarns, which was an easy and quick knit. 

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