DIY rope coaster

May 06, 2015

Lately, I've spent a lot of time scrolling down my Instagram feed, mostly when I'm trying to avoid getting up for work, or procrastinating on packing boxes for our upcoming move. I've started noticing these amazing rope baskets and trivets, and been thinking that they would look great in the new place. I had tried out this tutorial a while back, and totally failed (trust me, the fact that it's in a foreign language was the least of my problems). Although what I really wanted to make was this, I decided to exercise some caution, and try out a coaster first. I also didn't have much rope, which probably lessened my excitement too, along with the fact that my sewing machine remains to me a wild and unpredictable creature, with a mind of its own.

I was looking for a quick project, to feel accomplished. Between an 8hrs shift and a few boxes, convincing myself that the clothes at the bottom of my drawers are perfectly fine and not a sad excuse for a laundry day outfit, I managed to heat up a frozen burrito and had a solid 30 minutes to spare. Getting the sewing machine out wasn't an option, so I decided to fall back on the good old hot glue gun. I used 2 pins initially to secure to beginning of the coil, and then just glued along the line where the two sides of the rope met, until I was almost out of rope. I have to say, I was pretty confident that I'd get at least two coasters out of this, but I apparently can't judge lengths. A little less than 2 meters (6.6 feet) gave me a coaster about 5" in diameter (you may or may not want to trust my estimate, since all measuring instruments are now sealed in a box somewhere). Needless to say, I will be purchasing much longer lengths of rope in the future, and possibly wait for my mom to come visit and operate the sewing machine to try out the rope basket. In the mean time, I probably deserve to trade this cup of tea for a glass of wine, just as soon as I finish one more box.

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